Once Upon A Time…

       In a not-so far-away kingdom, there was a guy with a dream and a girl with an incomparable ingenuity. Together, they dreamed of a world where creativity in all forms prospered and the possibilities were infinite. Pooling their resources and their strength, they set out on a journey to make their vision a reality. They battled many obstacles along the way – sometimes inside their own beings – and befriended a few other creative who shared their love of creativity. Relying on their wits, their dreams, and – most importantly – their imaginations, the brave adventurers worked to spread the light of creativity across the land. This website bears witness to their story, yet… it’s only the beginning.

         And now, let us introduce our merry band of dreamers! Here comes N.J. now, the guy with a dream – a young man whose love of creativity knows no bounds, but whose greatest passion is design – and our spark. A spark that inspired Katie (here she is now!), the craftiest of artsy crafters. Between the two of them, the vision of ‘It’s Whatever’ was fostered and nurtured until it was time to take flight. As their vision grew greater and greater, more people were bound to flock, and so they did. Three offered their aid in the form of talents. And here they are. Josh, the first to offer aid, is a design fan whose creativity and knowledge is wide reaching. Second to help was Vera, a young writer with a dash of business savvy. Finally, to complete this bunch is Brandon, an outspoken young man whose panache for finding new ways of expressing himself truly rounded out the group. Together they’ll take their talents to places they’d never dreamed of.

Together, Creativity Will Know No Limits.

N.J. Sims


Current Graphic Design major and Co-Founder of “It’s Whatever. Studios”. I’m a former 4H member, who was in a photography club known as “The Snap Shots” for 8 years. Being involved in 4H helped inspire my love for creativity and photography. Additionally, some of my other interests include video editing, writing, and other forms of graphic artistic design. I have also worked on range of projects such as NY 4H News and The Mixers Media.

K.D. Wilson


I’m the Co-Founder of “It’s Whatever. Studios”. I’m an aspiring artist and writer I love to learn and embrace different cultures. I was part of a 4-H club for a numerous amount  of years and loved every minute of it. I enjoy going back in time by watching old sitcoms and just chill while I’m creating my art. I also enjoy editing videos and sharing my ideas with other people. 

Vera Allen


To put it simply, I’m a Business major that dabbles in writing. Combining my two passions, I take a detail-oriented approach to creativity. Sarcasm, movie quotes and song lyrics are my three native tongues.

Joshua Staring


Former 4H and “Snap Shots Photography Club” member. I am a full time student going for Graphic and Multimedia. I mainly specialize in typography and the elements of design. I take overall detail seriously. Other projects I’ve worked on include The Mixers Media.

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