About Us

We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us.

-Romans 12:6

Why hello there. Welcome again to, It’s Whatever Studios, also known as “It’s Whatever”. Named so because we post well…..whatever we want. You can call us whatever you want. We like to dabble in all shorts of different topics from entertainment to ridiculous Instagram trends to all the basic lifestyle facts. You read it, we literally have it all. You see here, we don’t really do much “mainstream news” . We kind of just prefer to do our own thing and have fun in doing so. Negativity is for reality and we want do have a more optimistic approach when covering topics. As a result, we hope to promote positive creativity and infinite possibilities. We aren’t proverbial “preacher’s kids” but we are proud of our beliefs. Basically, this is a stress free, creativity playground for anyone. There’s a little bit of this and that to appeal to various demographics. And yes, before you ask we DO recycle and believe in working together to make our earth a greener, and healthier place. The possibilities here are endless, so let the imagining, pursuing and creating begin.

Topics we cover on this hot mess of a website include:

  • Entertainment– Commentary, reviews, and so forth for various TV shows, movies, music, and so on. We might snark on a really poorly written movie here and there, so stay tuned for that. Overall this category is probably the easiest category we have going for us, which is why we’ll be posting probably more entertainment based articles as a result.
  • Lifestyle-One of our broadest topics ranging from literally anything from questionable fashion choices to the dumbest trends on social media because that’s unfortunately become a part of our daily lives.
  • Photography-Category consisting of various photography projects, tips, and some cool tricks that we learned and thought we’d share with the world because why not? Since there so many different sides to photography, we thought it made sense to make an entire category dedicated to it.
  • Art & Design-Everything art themed from illustration to design to the most wildest artistic creations can be found in this category. There’s literally something for everyone. No lie. We believe in promoting all types of artists and their craft, which you’ll find under this category.
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