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Questions and Comments Doll Collectors are So Over With.

We’ve all had at least three of these comments from people at one point or another if not your lying to yourself for as long as doll collectors have been around there has always been those people that just do not get it and they will let you know that they don’t get it. So I’ve put together a list of the most common questions and comments from people.


My answer would be why not? Why does anyone do anything? There are many different reasons why people collect dolls. They appreciate good fashion (Designer or fashion doll collectors) The love and appreciate history (Antique doll collectors) nostalgia or just plain love dolls etc.

Aren’t You A Little Old For That?

Um… really? Dolls have no age limit. Dolls have been collected by adults for centuries a good example would be boudoir dolls which were made and purchased by and for adults to lay on beds in the 1920s+. Besides what kid keeps their beloved dolls on a shelf or in the box we collectors treat our dolls different so NO we’ll never be too old for that.

They’re So Creepy

No, they’re not. You’ve been watching too many Chucky movies. This to me is one of the most annoying comments because it’s just annoying and rude just because you don’t like something doesn’t give you the license to poke fun. I like how a fellow doll collector put it she said that people saying this is like someone saying how some food you love is gross while you are eating it.

Don’t You Have Enough?

It’s not like we have a limit in our heads about how many we want to collect or how many is too much. Typically I’d say most of us collect whatever we find that we really like or a collection/line of dolls that came out that particularly spark our interest and we just have to have them. So it’s not like we’re ungrateful for what we do have or that we’re so addicted that we just have to buy a new doll to have a fix. But the short answer to the question Is no, no we don’t have enough.

You could sell them and makes lots of money

Yeah some people do buy dolls to resell or some people including myself customize dolls and resell them but for the most part if you know someone that collects dolls and clearly doesn’t want to resell them then please leave them alone that is obviously not the reason for their collection.

In conclusion we doll collectors all have a reason, a love and a passion for our collections and we don’t like when anybody tries to butt in or mock what we do. So pay no attention to the haters and keep doing you!

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