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Vera’s Top 6 Picks – New Years’ FASHION Resolutions!

Tomorrow begins a new decade, so I thought I'd list out a few of my fashion resolutions! They're like normal resolutions, but ones I'm more likely to keep :)
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Well… we made it! 2020 is now, ever-so-crazily, drawing to a close. Congratulations, mazel tov, and Félicitations! Now, let’s get on to 2021…

First Question:

What Am I Going to WEAR???

I mean, not that I’m going anywhere… BUT STILL! I may love a good pair of sweats, but I cannot and will not live in them for two consecutive years! Which is why this month I’m doing a MASSIVE overhaul of my closet and a review of style resolutions I’m planning for next year. Shall we dive in? My dears, we shall…

*** And just a small reminder – as I haven’t done a “Top 6 Picks” since… yikes, since SEPTEMBER – these picks have no order, I just love them all equally (or am completely indecisive… you know, whichever) so unless I specifically state that something is my number one when writing about it (like, if I say that butterflies are me absolute number one favorite insect), then each of my picks are equally ranked, despite having a number in their heading 😁.***

NOW, for real this time, on with the picks!

Resolution #1: SCARVES

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Are they for winter? Are they for summer? Do I care? NO! 😄 Scarves are rapidly becoming one of my favorite accessories. I can wear them around my neck, unfold them to become one of the most comfortable shawls ever. Not to mention wearing them over a tank top in the summer when I just need a pop of color or need to go a little more formal for a Zoom call or a nice dinner out – still can’t find one to go with my non-medical disposable mask, but… c’est la vie. Nevertheless, a good scarf has many ways to be worn and even more reasons to be used – and I plan on discovering all of them (er… as many as possible, anyways) in 2021!

Resolution #2: A Little Vintage

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For those of you who are wondering, this gorgeous lady is named Jean Simmons – a British actress during the 40s, 50s, 60s, and she was still doing things in the nineties. She had costars of the likes of Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra, and Sir Lawrence Olivier (😍😍😍😍😍). Now, fangirl moment over, Miss Simmons is here to demonstrate a style I want to add more of into my wardrobe: the 40s and 50s style accents. Be it the cute touch of a Mary Jane heel or the added bounce to my A-line dresses that a swing skirt adds, there’s something about this time period that makes me smile – and spend unhealthy amounts of time on Amazon looking for just the right piece. Anyhow… shopping tendencies aside, my fashiolution (the term I have officially coined for my fashion resolutions) in this part is to introduce more pieces in my wardrobe that possess that vintage je ne sais quoi!

Resolution #3: Cable Knit Sweaters

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Isn’t this little guy ADORABLE?? I absolutely love dachshunds! They’re, like, my eighth favorite dogs! Still, cute dog aside, let’s get to the real topic. Recently, I have discovered the pure warmth and cute outfit potential that comes from a good cable knit. I mean, don’t get me wrong, most sweaters are super cozy, but there are always those sweaters – you know, the ones that look awesomely warm and stylish when you’re shopping, but as soon as you wash it the first time, it starts to pill up and get super scratchy when you put them on. Well, when I discovered the 100% cotton cable knit sweaters, my sweater world was changed. And not just like “Oh, hey, these are nice… I’ll have to keep them in mind when I decide to order another sweater” but more like “Oh, wow. I may very well just replace all of my sweaters that I currently own with these!” Okay, that’s a bit extreme, but my point is: this is my new winter fashiolution!! They’re just so comfy and I’ve already washed my one sweater about three times now and so far (*knocks on wood*) no pillage or itchiness! That being said, I just have to settle which collar I like better: crew neck or V-neck??? Hmm… decisions, decisions…

Resolution #4: Ballet Flats×800/placeholder_landscape-1487798377-ballet-flats.gif

I’m going to be completely, 100% frank with you all: for the longest time, I hated flats with a passion. Throughout my teen years, I became obsessed with high heels and slowly threw out every pair of flats that I ever owned – save for one pair for when it was absolutely necessary. Now don’t get me wrong, I wore other things outside of high heels – such as sneakers and boots with no heel – but when it came to the more fancy outfits, it was definitely heels or bust. Now, however, in my wisdom-inducing college years (please note the sarcasm on the word “wisdom” 😂) I’ve been finding myself missing the ability to slip on a pair of flats. Now my only question is: what kind of flat should I try? And in what color? SO, this year’s fashiolution is to find at least one pair of flat that will suit me throughout the year!

Resolution #5: The Color Champagne

Photo by Joonas ku00e4u00e4riu00e4inen on

Off-gold with a soupçon of effervescence, there’s nothing more refreshing for a new year – and a new decade, because contrary to what everyone was saying last year, 2020 was actually the last year of the decade – than a bit of bubbly. But not to drink – although, you may want to celebrate the survival of this year with champagne, and I would understand that – what I actually meant was the color. Maybe I’m being influenced by New Years’ arrival – or perhaps I just fell in love with the wonderful shade that Julia Roberts wore at the fight scene in the 2001 version of Ocean’s Eleven, but either way, it’s gorgeous. Dresses, shirts, blazers, maybe even nail color, who knows? It’s 2021, we can go all out! Only problem with this fashiolution is that I have no idea if this color will even look good on me – I mean, no one wants to walk around looking like they have jaundice. But, even if I just introduce the color into my home décor, I’ll consider this one a success!

Resolution #6: Blue-Light Glasses

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Like everyone else this year, I have been working more and more on the computer. And, aside from the case of carpal tunnel that may or may not develop in my future, one thing I have really come to count on is definitely blue-light glasses. Stylish for Zoom meetings (I have been complimented several times on the two pairs that I got), these glasses are like the most practical accessories I could ever recommend. The only problem that I’ve run into? You can’t just get one color. I’ve got two in my possession and another two in my Amazon cart. So this year’s final fashiolution? To increase my arsenal of stylish yet sensible blue light glasses!

Bonus Resolution: Argan Oil Nail Polish!

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I’ll admit… this technically isn’t a part of “fashion” in the strictest sense of the word. Still, I feel the need to share – because what is a girl’s best accessory but her nails? Yet, there’s nothing more annoying than the flakiness that comes with constant application of the more chemical-based nail colors. That’s when I discovered Sally Hansen Color Therapy with argan oil. I don’t often find that my nails look amazingly moisturized the minute my nail color comes off, but with this brand I did! With 45 super cute shades that have awesome names (my favorite so far is the ballet slipper pink under the name of Primrose and Proper), I would totally recommend – and am committed to exploring the different shades in the upcoming year! So, in short, my fashiolution: to try out as many new nail shades in this collection as possible!

It’s official: we’ve made it through my list – which, in retrospect, is kind of a feat within itself – and now I want to know: what are your New Years fashiolutions? And now, because it’s the holidays and the last thing any of us want to do is read an over-wordy conclusion, I’ll sign off.

Bonne Année et je vous souhaite à tous bénédictions et santé!
~ Vera Allen 💗

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