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Is Netflix’s Creeped Out Worth Watching?

"The curious they say he collects strange tales and if you ever hear his whistle you know something creepy is about to unfold"

“The curious they say he collects strange tales and if you ever hear his whistle you know something creepy is about to unfold”….. Ahhh I like that beginning for those who haven’t watched Creeped Out and you don’t know what it’s about. It’s basically like R.L Stine’s Goosebumps series/Twilight zone vibes where creepy or just plain weird events happen to generally kids or young teens. Each episode starts with “The Curious” who basically walks around while the narrator explains what the episode is going to be about and at the very end he collects some kind of trinket that had to do with the plot of the story. I really liked the concept of the curious I think this gave the show character and something to identify the show with. So let’s get into more of the episodes themselves. Here Is a list of my top 5 episodes I’ll try not to spoil to much and you can decide for yourself if these could be worth watching.

My Top 5 Favorite Episodes

Slapstick : -blank- is annoyed with her parents always embarrassing her so she goes to a nearby beach for some time to to herself and ends up watching a puppet show the puppet makes her an offer to give her the power to control her parents and ends up finding out it isn’t as fun as she thought it would be.

“This is the second episode of the entire series and is one of my faves because it has creepy like puppets in it which I love and it has a good story line and a good message and twist.”

Kindlesticks: Babysitter Esme is not the best at her job she finds it fun to scare kids into going to bed early by telling them stories of the “Night Night Man” so she doesn’t have to entertain or watch them. But when she watches this one boy he has a story to tell her but this one unlike hers seems to be very true.

“Another good twist at the very end and leaves you with a few questions.”

Bravery Badge: Janie is on this Hedgehog Rangers camp-out she ‘s really excited about getting the bravery badge too bad that will come with a price if only she can survive the terrors of the woods what’s causing her friends to turn into humming zombies? Can they be helped or is she soon going to be next?

“This one has creepy qualities to it which could possibly scare younger audiences. This one was unique and a fun and sort of a scary thought behind it.”

A Boy Named Red: After having problems with his marriage he decides to take his son with him to stay at his sisters house to get his thoughts together. He’s very disconected and isn’t the dad his son -blank- needs after exploring the house he finds a portal that takes him back to his dad as a kid. By meeting him can -blank- make things in the present better or worse?

“Rather than this one being scary it was more just a neat concept and it had some nods to pop culture including back to the future but you really have to watch for it.”

The Many Place: When the Blolesens family are on vacation in Australia things aren’t looking as nice as they had planned especially when the youngest presses all the buttons in the elevater at thier hotel and her and her two other siblings find themselves in a scary maze of hotel rooms will all of them find a way out or will their be consequences to be paid?

“I like’d how this one ended a lot it was fun and creative.”

All in all I found most the episodes entertaining and was a little hard to choose. But I think if you like things that are of this nature I would say give a couple episodes a watch.

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