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Civil Discourse on Halloween

Hello, and warm welcome from The Whatever Team! I am your host, Brandon Kohler, and today several members of the team and I are talking about Halloween!

Photo by Yuting Gao on Pexels.com

Hello, and warm welcome from The Whatever Team! I am your host, Brandon Kohler, and today me and a couple members of the team and I are talking about Halloween!

It might be convenient to tell you what this is, but it would be more fun to tell you what it’s not. This is not a debate or a political rant. No politicians will mentioned, because we’re simply not here to talk about politicians! We’re here to talk about policies. Better stated, this is simply the people on the ground talking about what it’s like to be on the ground and how we feel about out it.

In this article, each contributor will be adressing three main points:

1) Whether or not they think we ought to still be allowed to Trick or Treat.

2) Why?

3) And, whether at home or on the streets, what they intend to dress up as!

So, without further ado, I give you the Co-Founder of the ItsWhateverStudios, N.J. Sims!

N.J. Sims

I think Trick or Treating during the pandemic is fine provided the kids wear masks and manage to stay socially distant from others. I’m sure there are creative ways that neighbors and households can give candy out that wouldn’t be breaking social distancing guidelines. Maybe putting candy out on the front porch so the kids can just take some and leave would be a good idea? Not sure but it’s something to think about.

Why? Because I think since Trick Or Treating is normally held outside, there’s enough ways to socially distant from others. The only thing I’m strongly against is having large parties so while I’m fine with a small gathering of maybe 10-12 people in a small inner circle, I think the health & safety of everyone needs to be taken seriously.

I don’t usually dress up for Halloween, but if I had to, I would probably either dress up as Jughead Jones from Riverdale or Joe Hardy from The Hardy Boys because why not?

Now I’ll hand the mantel over to author host himself and “whatever” team member, Brandon Kohler

Brandon Kohler

Alright, my turn… (Despicable Me, anyone?)

I’m wholly in favor of allowing trick or treating during Halloween, despite COVID. When running the numbers, I don’t think this would be as dangerous as some might think. (This pandemic killed roughly 200,000 people- the last major pandemic (1918) killed over 50,000,000!) Evidence on masks seems to be mixed, but I don’t think wearing them would be a bad idea. Most importantly, I think we have to respect other peoples’ comfort. (It’s unkind to hand a spider to an arachnophobe, whether the spider can hurt them or not).

And to answer what I’ll dress up as, I don’t know. I still trick-or-treat (no shame!) with my eight little siblings, so I know I’ll dress up as something! I’m quite into LARP, so I have several costumes on hand. (If anyone wants to see dedicated articles to my LARP costumes, feel free to comment down below!)

Last but not least, please welcome lifestyle blogger and It’s Whatever c Vera Allen!

Vera Allen

Thanks Brandon!

Should we be allowed to trick or treat? Interesting question. After all, Halloween is a night where we dress up as other people and take candy from strangers. Still, COVID tends to present an even more looming threat, so it should be taken seriously. I say it’s up to each parent to take the facts and make a decision from there.

Why? Well, it’s ultimately their responsibility to keep their child safe – even if the way to do that is by presenting them with a slight disappointment. But also, parents are the ones that know their individual child’s needs best, so while I may decide for myself that the guidelines I would need to follow are totally worth the fun I’d have trick-or-treating, someone else might decide the exact opposite for their child. Honestly though, there are ways to make Halloween fun without the traditions. Movie night in costumes any one? I know I’m down!

Will I be dressing up? Well, I won’t actually be going anywhere for Halloween, so… probably. I haven’t really outgrown the whole “play dress-up” thing, so I’ll probably be scouring my closet next week looking for costume ideas (I’m kind of leaning towards dressing up as a lifestyle blogger this year – what do y’all think? 😉 ). ~V.A.


Thank you for joining us as we’ve looked at these three turning topics! We’ve seen a couple different opinions here, as is often the case, but we hope that we’ve shown the way that people of different opinions can discuss the trending matters of the day with some common respect and civility.

Thank you for taking the time to join us! Participate yourself in the comments below! I’m you Brandon Kohler, and we’ll see you again next time on ItsWhatever!

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