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The Best Highlights Of Fall In Upstate NY

With the season of autumn now among us, the change of season is in the air. Fall is easily one of my favorite seasons. First off, the weather is usually not too hot or too cold, the leaves are changing, pumpkins are for sale, and it’s also the season where you can finally wear your favorite cozy sweaters. Well that is if your a sweater weather person. The season of autumn is also a great season for photography with the leaves changing, various fall events taking place (In formal times that is), and is hands down my favorite season to photograph. Especially when you live near Western/Central New York, there are plenty great photo locations to go to during the fall season. As a former 4-H photography club member, the season of autumn has a weird sense of nostalgia to me because every fall we would have various field trip and photo shoots to capture the magical season of autumn. Here in this article are various photos I actually took mostly last fall and figured now would be a good time to share them.

NJ Sims Photography

Despite fall being known for colors, I still like to play around with different colors and black & white is one of them. For this next photo, I made a black and white photo out of a landscape picture I took of the cider mill. This doesn’t exactly scream fall but it does to me because anything regarding “cider” makes me think of fall time.

NJ Sims Photography

Anytime I’m shooting during the fall, I try to take photos of things or locations that set the mood for the autumn season. I managed to obtain several shots during the fall season last year in particular due to my photography class. We had various types of assignments including portraits, landscapes, and so forth that usually required us to be outside. The photo featured above is from a cider mill’s annual corn maze. Off topic, but this corn maze is hilariously easy to get through. I love this photo because after editing in Lightroom, I was able to portray the more creepy and spooky season of the fall which gives more of a Halloween feel. Regardless of if you celebrate it or not, I just got that vibe from it after editing it.

NJ Sims Photography

One of the best parts of visiting Upstate/Central New York is visiting places like the Adirondacks. KD and I went up last year and it’s safe to say I got some pretty successful photo shots as a result. This picture was actually taken on the ski lift we went on and we were lucky we went when we did because the leaves were just starting to turn. It’s not a perfect photo but I personally love this one because it shows the scenery of the season in the Adirondacks. I think some parts are overexposed though which is something I could’ve done better.

NJ Sims Photography

Some of my fall shots came across either more or least successful than others. The photo above featuring Halloween decorations at a cider mill, I liked because it portrayed the theme of the season (Halloween) but wasn’t one of my best choices for the landscape assignment I was given by my teacher. The cider mill in particular always gets decked out for fall and I feel like to capture the essence of fall, taking snap shots of simple things that demonstrate the season give you a wider variety of things to photograph.

NJ Sims Photography

Surprisingly fall has it’s ups and downs in terms of weather. Rather it comes to when the leaves are completely blown off the trees or a rainy fall season, it’s best to take advantage of the nice weather and have a photoshoot. It’s hard to build up the motivation to do so, trust me, I would know because I’m lazy and often tell myself that I’m going to do things eventually but never do it. Luckily for me, the fate of my GPA depends on if I get my assignments done so I have that motivation in the back of my mind.

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