Vera’s Top 6 Picks – Fall Style Staples

Hello there! I'm bringing in Fall with a new Top 6 Picks - read on to learn more!
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Hello there!

            *sniffs the air* You smell that? Pumpkin spice… and y’all know what that means! Autumn is here… the leaves are changing – and that’s not all that’s changing, fashions are too! I always love when both the weather and the fashions changes. From winter to spring and spring to summer… but there’s something about the change from summer to fall that is near and dear to my heart. Maybe it’s because I love autumn, or maybe it is because all my favorite celebs blossom when it comes to the Fall Fashion. No matter the reasoning, I’ve decided that it was high time that I went and made a ‘Top 6 Picks’ of my favorite autumn style staples!

            Like the last ‘Top 6 Picks’, there is absolutely no specific order in how I’m ranking them and that’s mostly because, at this point, I am both physically and literally incapable of picking a favorite and ranking them. Still, if they’re on my list then they are a well-loved part of my wardrobe that have been tried and true to me season after season. That stated, I’m not going for anything super trendy – if I manage it, then that’s wonderful (and completely accidental) – but classic (like the kind of things that will only go out of style once it’s threadbare).

Let’s get started, shall we?

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Style Staple #1 – The jackets:

Be it a trench, a leather (or, if you’re on my budget, pleather), denim, bomber, flannel, or any other jacket in between, everyone has their own signature jacket. Mine’s a faded-wash denim jacket with rhinestone embellishments along the pockets and sleeves. Still, there’s nothing like a nice fall jacket. Whether you use it as an accessory or another layer, the jacket you choose shows the personality that you’d like to show the rest of the world – and it’s always a bit of a dramatic reveal when you unfasten your jacket and reveal your shirt. Drumroll please ladies and gents! Here comes the main event! 🙂 Dramatics aside, there are so many ways to wear these: zipped up, casually open, over the arm with a sense of indecisive style, or over the shoulder with a bit of panache. Personally, I find that, short of attempting to wear the jacket like a hat, you really can’t go wrong!

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Style Staple 2 – The Boots:

Leather, suede, combat, high-heeled, riding boots, cowboy (or girl) boots, etc. The list goes on and on! The versatility of a good pair of boots is only as limited as your imagination. In fact, I find myself trying to incorporate my favorite pair of boots no matter what the season is (which gets me into scrapes when I get salt on them from the road *cue a roll of the eyes at New York winter weather problems*). Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, boots. I think, if I had to pick a fall fashion weakness, boots would be it. I’m not picky, my collection includes knee-highs, mid-calf, ankle booties, and I’ve been known to zip up a pair of combat boots from time to time (I know… so modish, right? 😉 ). Now, I’m going to admit a secret here, so this is just between us, alright? Okay. My number one style bucket-list is to get a pair of lace-up stiletto boots (nothing too high so I don’t break my ankle, but… yeah stilettos 🙂 ). As I say, there are many ways to wear a pair of boots, but I think my favorite is the classic skinny-jeans- cute-top-and-reliable-boots outfit combo!

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Style Staple 3 – The Sweater:

Cardigans, button-ups, pull-overs, handkerchief hems, close-knit, crocheted, you name it, I love it. There’s just something about the sweater that makes me think cozy, fall-weather thoughts! It also makes me think about Neville Longbottom from the Harry Potter series if I’m completely honest. (A little aside: I love the contrast they have in the final battle scene of the movie with renegade Neville still rocking the cardigan. [SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!] Like seriously! This guy just stands up to a tyrant, making a speech comparable to William Shakespeare’s St. Crispin’s Day speech and then decapitates a freaking snake and all the while he looks like this cuddly hipster? Such a great choice on the costuming department’s part!!). Now, back to the main point: sweaters! When it’s just cold enough you need an extra layer but don’t need a layer as heavy as your trusty jacket, these will always be there for you. A little word of advice: when you find a style of sweater you love, get it in more than one color, trust me: you’ll thank me later. Whether you wear one for the fashion statement, or just because you’re like me and love layers during autumn, sweaters are always in style!

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Style Staple 4 – The hats:

Hats, hats, oh my word, I love hats! I don’t wear them nearly as often as I’d like (for practicality reasons – unfortunately, college life gives very few opportunities to wear hats 😦 ). Still, there’s nothing like a good fedora, or beret, or beanie, or… well, you get the idea! Now, I’m going to put a bit of a disclaimer out there, some hats aren’t made for everyone (I found this out with a cute fuchsia number that l had spent money on only to be left bitterly disappointed when I cleaned it and finally tried it on), but when you find the right hat for your features, stick with it and wear it with pride! Also, some hats are made for certain seasons – straw ones are typically made for summer, but I find that I can feasibly slip use of a straw panama/fedora hybrid I own in early autumn. Once snow starts to fall, however, it is probably better to stick with the cloth or knitted kind – probably warmer too! 🙂

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Style Staple 5 – Plaid Shirts:

Now, here’s where I’m going to get a little on the frankly honest side: it took me a LONG time to get into the whole plaid shirt thing. Back then, if I saw another plaid shirt, I was going to lose it, but now… well, let’s just say I’ve caught onto why everyone liked them. They are SOOO comfy – and when you find the right coloring, it’s quite the fashion statement. My favorites are the ones with little feminine details, such as flowers added in or lace inserts at the back, but there are arguments I can make for the more straight-up plaid shirts too. The only ones you probably wouldn’t see me in are the ones with yellow or orange bases – and really, you wouldn’t want to see me in those because, as pretty as they can be, they won’t look pretty on me! Whether you pick out the button-down variety or any other type of the thousands of designs out there (I’ve lost count, but thousands sounds good, doesn’t it? 🙂 ), you can’t really go wrong with a plaid shirt – unless you pair it with a polka-dotted skirt/pair of pants, but we won’t go there now. 😉

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Style Staple 6 – Button-Downs:

Onto my final favorite Fall staple: button-downs. You can get creative with these. And I know what you’re thinking: “Vera, did you fall on your head or something? Button-downs are strictly professional shirts!” Normally, I would agree with you, but, this past fall, I found myself experimenting with the tops. When it’s just cold enough that you need an extra layer, but a sweater or a jacket would be just a little too warm, or when you aren’t fully sure just how casual the business casual event is supposed to be, there are ways to wear a button-down to fulfill both purposes. Whether you tuck it in, leave it out, button it up all the way, or put a t-shirt or tank-top underneath and leave it unbuttoned, the choice is completely up to you. What won’t change? Just how chic you truly look! (Also, if you’re wanting to dress up like a cowgirl for Halloween, in lieu of buttoning it, you can just tie the ends together at your waist over a tank top, it works! I speak from last-minute DIY costuming experience! 😉 ).

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Really though, fashion and style are different for everyone – that’s what makes it so special! If and how your choose to wear these staples is completely up to you, but I recommend them because they’ve been tried, tested, and loved by me for some time. If you have any style staples you love, but I haven’t mentioned, tell me about it in the comments! For now, though, I leave you with a beautiful picture of Autumn and (hopefully) a new plan for your fall style!

Many blessings!
~Vera Allen ❤


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