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The Official Back To School Playlist

Need some tunes to get you in the school mood this semester? We got you. Check our our official back to school playlist. Your welcome.

We’re baaaaack! Back to school, back to the drudgery, back to the stress of COVID-19, and BACK with a NEW PLAYLIST!

It’s been quite the year! It was the calmest of years, it was the craziest of years. It was the age of socially connecting, it was the age of socially distancing. It was the time of schools opening, it was the time of schools closing. And through all of this was a website with a dream and a playlist. And what is the topic of this fine playlist you may ask? Well, it’s back to school! After all, we’re all college students here, we know how rough this whole debate of “Are we going online? Are we not going online? SOMEONE MAKE A DECISION!” has been enough to give pretty much everyone something to worry about. Added to that is the stress that comes with starting up online classes once again. So, we needed little bits of escapism, and thought that you all might too – even if those little moments are only about three minutes at a time. 

Now, without further ado, let us commence the Back to School edition of the It’s Whatever Team Playlist!

NJ’s Jams

Lover-Taylor Swift

Kicking off this spectacular back to school playlist is Taylor Swift with her Top 10 hit, Lover from the album Lover. Yes the single and the album both share the same title. I picked this song because it’s personally one of my favorite songs to jam out to as background music while I’m doing homework. It’s also got the slow burn feel that is just soothing to jam out to. It’s got everything, Taylor Swift, a colorful music video that is kind of totally adorable, and a beat that is bound to hit your heart strings. The beat also gives me “fall” vibes for some reason. I don’t know why but it just does.

Chosen Last-Sara Keys

Next up is, Sara Keys with her single, Chosen Last. We discovered Sara on Instagram after a friend of ours suggested this tune and it’s safe to say it was an instant smash hit with us. We love to support and promote new rising artists and Sara in particular really stood out to us with this amazing little song. Another great song to jam out to while getting into the back to school mode regardless if your at home or heading to school in the morning.

I Dare You-The Regrettes

Up next is the punk rock band, The Regrettes with “I Dare You” which is a little bit of a change up from some of the slower mild melody songs we have been featuring. This tune has a more alternative/indie ring to it so if your a fan of that genre of music this one is for you. I personally like it specifically because of the alternative sound it has to it. It just feels different than most popular songs and even has a little bit of a retro vibe to me.

Hate Me-Nico Collins

Moving onto yet another new artist we discovered is “Nico Collins” with his single “Hate Me”. This song is one that we discovered during the summer from Instagram actually out of all places and it instantly became one of our top favorites. It’s got more of a pop rock sound to it and it’s just a song that I could personally picture myself listening to on my way to school.

By Myself -Maya Hawke

You might know Maya Hawke for playing Robin on Stranger Things but did you know Maya is also a singer as well? I didn’t until this year and not gonna lie, she’s pretty great! I decided to include her single, By Myself, because it just felt like a back to school song. I don’t know if any song in particular has a school sound to it, but this is one I would also probably listen to on my way to school or during the time in the labs when were allowed to listen to music while we work. Maya is pretty awesome, both as an actress and a singer/song writer so this is worth checking out!

Dance Monkey- Tones & I

Moving onto one of my favorite songs I kept jamming out to last fall is Tones & I with her Top 10 smash hit, Dance Monkey. This is legit a song, I would listen to almost every morning on my way to school and I love it very much. It just sounds different and has a really catchy beat. How this song didn’t go to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 is beyond me. I know this song might’ve been overplayed in some places, but it’s still one of my personal favorites to listen to regardless if I’m in the actual classroom or at home.

I’m Sorry (On & On)-Riotron

Here we have Riotron with “I’m Sorry (On & On”) and is yet another song that was discovered off Instagram. I’m not sure what draws me to this song but I think it’s just the upbeat tone and retro sounds I get from the instrumentals. I’m kind of confused as to why the song is titled “I’m Sorry” when the main hook is literally “On and On” but whatever it’s still a good song in my opinion and easily deserves to be on this list. Dare, I say this is even one I would have playing while I do my homework. Yes, listening to music helps me focus.

Exile-Taylor Swift

Once again, we have yet another Taylor swift song in this playlist. Here we have Exile. from her latest album Folklore. One thing I really appreciated about Folklore was the different alternative sound that Taylor went for and this song really feels like it’s own thing with the vocals of Swift and her featured artist, Bon Iver. It’s not too upbeat but not to downbeat either and has a nice, soothing melody to it.

All For Us -Labrinth & Zendaya

Moving onto one of my personal favorites is Labrinth and Zendaya with “All For Us”. This version featuring Zendaya was released last year and was featured in the season one finale of the highly praised yet controversial show, Euphoria. While the show is not in my personal taste (the cinematography is flawless though), this song is hands down one of my favorites to listen to at the moment. This is the type of song that you can analyze the lyrics and try to cypher the meaning. I think Labrinth has a very unique sound and the addition of Zendaya makes it even better. Not that it wasn’t great before.

In My Mind- Dynaro, Gigi D’Agostino

Onto the last song on my list is Dynoro & Gigi D’Agonstino with their international hit, “In My Mind”. It’s safe to say this song was one of my all time favorites of Fall 2018 and I still love jamming out to this song to this day. I love EDM so this was obviously going to resonate with me and my love for electronic dance music. The song isn’t that commonly known in the US but I’m sure our international readers will recognize this song. Overall, this has a nice beat that is fun to jam out to.

More Than You Know- Axwell ^ Ingrosso

Onto my last song on my list is “More Than You Know” by Axwell ^ Ingrosso. This song has been one of my favorites for awhile and once again is a EDM based song that broke out in Europe back in 2017. It’s probably not that well known here in the states but either way, this is a song with a slick beat and overall solid vocals. It manages to balance out the electronic dance element with actual vocals without being too overbearing. It’s even a song that I listen to as background music so I felt like it earned it’s place to be on this list.

Vera’s Jams

Me and My Broken Heart – Rixton:

I’m not sure why, but this one has been in my head for the past few days (I haven’t even gone through a break-up recently!). Still, with its catchy hook, fun vocals, and oddly fun music video I’m not gonna lie, it’s growing to be one of my favorite songs of the season!

Crazy – Gnarls Barkley

This is my proposal for the theme song of pandemic learning. The sass, the funk, the extremely dance-friendly bassline, Mr. Ceelo Green really outdoes himself with this track. Why? Well, I think he’s craaazzzaaayyy…. XD

Angels On My Side – Rick Astely

I just heard this the other day – which is really sad coming from a self-proclaimed Rick Astley fan such as I am – and I LOVE it! It’s part of his newer album that came out 4 years ago – give or take a few months. I love the positive message in it and the confidence that he portrays throughout the music. Plus, am I the only one that, after this video, kind of wants Rick Astley to star in a spy film?

The Ballad of Billy the Kid – Billy Joel

This one is an old favorite of mine – and I don’t even like cowboy movies all that much! Written when Billy wanted to write a western movie soundtrack but no one gave him a movie to write for, I can’t help but think that he put elements of himself in this fictional version of Billy the Kid. I love that it’s not historically (or geographically for that matter) accurate. It’s not educational, it’s just fun! Have I mentioned that I love this song? XD

Golden Years – David Bowie

Yes, Gelderland! If you can guess that reference, you’ll get a shout-out in my next op-ed so comment below. This is one of the few David Bowie songs I know (yes, I know, I’m a failure as a human being 😛 ) but I love it. The smooth vocals, the bouncy beat, and the overall fun factor, this is the song I choose when I need an impromptu dance party in between studying. And the nostalgia vibe in the music video doesn’t hurt either!

That’s the Way – Jo Dee Messina

And for my country pick, I’ve got my very own theme song. Miss Messina talks about the importance of being able to adapt to life in a fun, dance-party, but totally country, mix way. The lyrics are fun and, as I said, it’s great to dance to!

Josh’s Jams

Live Forever – Liam Payne ft. Cheat Codes

These are two of my favorite song because they reflect a few of the things that come across my mind. 100 Bad days reminds me of some  of the hardships that I have come across.

100 Bad Days – AJR

Brandon’s Jams

Take Me There-Trip Lee Featuring Jimmy Needham

This being my freshman year of college, I now know what it feels like to be tired and worn out in a whole new way. This song helps me remember what it’s all about.

Fireflies-Owl City

This song is my middle of the night song for when I can’t sleep and I am just thinking about all those essays I have to write.

Dragostea Din Tei-O-Zone

Lastly, this song is appropriate for every time of the year!

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