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The Throwback Shoppe: A Blast From The Past

"Selling you nostalgic things we wish we could keep...but have no room for"

The Throwback Shoppe started as a fun venture for two college friends! We would go thrifting often, and find super cool things that we just couldn’t leave behind. So one day, we decided to start purchasing items we found and reselling them on Instagram, so that other people could share our joy! Our shoppe motto was “Selling you nostalgic things we wish we could keep…but have no room for”. Our business was doing pretty well, but then the two of us had to unfortunately part ways (we’re still good friends though!). She had her own dream, and has now started her own small business (designerofdoomco on Etsy)!! I have since turned our Instagram shoppe into a focus on selling books (mostly vintage children’s series books, such as Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys), and decided to expand it to Etsy, so that I can sell things that allow me to get my creative juices flowing, while also sharing my love for pop culture and nostalgia! I now sell stickers and handmade jewelry, all fandom based! I have also recently brought in 3 friends as shoppe members, who create handmade jewelry and more, and I will be adding their products little by little to the shoppe very soon! This shoppe has really helped me do what I love while also making money for things such as rent! I am so grateful for every single person who has bought from my shop, and look forward to making connections with more of my customers! My favorite part of having the shoppe is packaging the orders up, I love to make them cute and fun, and make the customers feel like they’re receiving a gift! I’m continuing to grow in my packaging and my items, and I can’t wait to see how far it comes! My ultimate dream is to one day turn this business into a physical used bookshop as well!

This is my desk where I have all of my products, shipping supplies, jewelry making supplies, etc. organized. I like to surround my desk with things I love because it inspires me!

Unfortunately my desk isn’t big enough to work at, and I love in a very small apartment, therefore I’m not able to get a bigger desk. So instead, I actually work on my couch! (Or sometimes on the floor haha) I set up a tray and bring all my jewelry making supplies out and work on new items/custom orders while I watch TV! Since making jewelry is pretty time consuming, it’s nice to have a comfortable space to sit and watch something while working.

My couch is also usually where I pack up all of my orders!! I lay out everything I need on my tray, such as the stickers and pieces of jewelry that need to be sent out, the supplies I need in order to pack up the jewelry  the envelopes, mailers, gift baggies, stamps, address labels, etc. I think going through ever order and make sure to package them up neatly and correctly, while making them cute and fun! I always add a handwritten note to each order, as well as a bonus sticker (which is a fairly new thing I’m doing!) When someone orders more than stickers I like to make the package feel like they’re opening up a gift!!


New bracelets going up soon (and many more like them), made by shoppe member Adrienne!! There will also be many bracelets made by shoppe member McKenzie going up soon!

On the right: This is my newest keychain, which is Inspired by The Breakfast Club!

The shop offers a variety of jewelry with bracelets from well known pop culture favorites such as Harry Potter (Featured on the left in the photo above), The Breakfast Club, Nancy Drew, and more. These charms all handmade with love and care to ensure that you’ll get something unique and of good quality.

All Things Nancy Drew

The shop also offers a wide variety of Nancy Drew related content with a range of Nancy Drew jewelry, stickers featuring various quotes from the books and games, and more.

This is my newest sticker, a Nancy Drew PC game quote!

Stickers With Quotes From All Your Favorites

Stickers from your favorite shows such as Psych to Friends! Perfect if you want to show off your love for your favorite iconic hit TV shows or movies . Featured here are some of the shop’s best sellers. Stickers also range from from Scooby Doo, Harry Potter, Nancy Drew, and more.

These are my best sellers!!!!

Currently the shop mostly ships only to the US of of now with eventually worldwide shipping to be offered on all items in the nearby future. However, shipping for stickers are available for Canada, Australia, and the UK. More places for the stickers are planned to be added very soon. Stay tuned for more updates on international shipping by following The Throwback Shoppe on Instagram.

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