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Attaway General: The Bootleg TikTok Version Of Grey’s Anatomy

2020 has had it’s ups and downs for sure, well mostly the downs but you know we have gotten some gems of content this year despite a majority of production being slowed down due to the pandemic. Some of the content might fall into the “so bad, it’s good category” and our topic of discussion fits into that category. We are talking about the latest “smash hit” BratTV show known as, Attaway General, which is basically a TikTok version of Grey’s Anatomy but with bad acting, and questionable writing. The topic of BratTV is nothing new under the sun to us as we recently did an article on Chicken Girls, another series on Brat that mostly consists of young popular influncers. Now this series has gained a well enough of attention on social media and honestly I’m kind of living for it. This show might be one of the worst written shows I’ve ever watched yet I keep coming back for more because it’s just outright hilarious to watch. I don’t think that’s the intent but when you have a mix of poor writing and bad acting, your bound to loose any type of being taken seriously from a general audience. Now I know, there’s some TikTok stans that will outright defend this and I respect their opinion if they like it. I’m just in the opinion that this show is bad, and I say that in the nicest way possible. Let’s just dive into this because there’s alot to discuss as to why this show has been ridiculed on the internet.

The Show Was Obviously Inspired By Grey’s Anatomy

I’m not a Grey’s Anatomy fan at all, I’ve never watched it but when I first saw the trailer for this and the first episode, I knew what their obvious inspiration for this show was. The series takes place in the Brat Cinematic Universe because ya know BratTV have their own shared universe of characters. So it’s kind of like the shared Marvel universe but worse. Anyways, the series focuses on a group of teen volunteers known as “TVs” who are volunteering at the hospital of Attaway General and along the way (like within the first 4 minutes) find romance and drama. Yeah the first episode hands down had some of the worst acting and writing, that I’ve ever watched. I mean this show makes Chicken Girls look like a masterpiece because the acting is so shaky at times and I blame that on half the cast being TikTok stars, like did they even try to give these kids acting lessons? How long did they really spend on writing the scripts for these episodes? Either way, the main plot of the show really just consists of these teenagers volunteering at a hospital. We have Dixie D’Amelio as part of the main cast along with several other TikTok stars, whom I do not remember the names of. I think almost the entire cast are all from TikTok. That alone should be a red flag but I’ll let you see for yourself if your up for the challenge. Each episode deals with a new case of patients, forced drama, and a continuation of really poor writing. The episodes are usually between 8-11 minutes long which as a result prevents the show from really having any massive growth for the story or the characters. I believe Brat filmed these episodes all at once in a very quick manner (Obviously before the shutdown) and while I understand why they’re doing short episodes, they need to do longer ones that are at least inching the 20 minute mark. This will allow more storylines and characters to develop more and be fleshed out, but then again I don’t know if even that method would save the show from the acting and writing.

Problem #1-The Actors Need More Acting Lessons

So let’s discuss one of the biggest problems this show has going for it which is that the acting is just not the greatest. I’m trying to be nice here, but honest at the same time. I got nothing against Dixie, but during the beginning, her acting was the most lackluster. These characters in general just are bland and I partially blame that on the acting. It’s no surprise that Brat would hire mostly huge TikTok stars to be in a show like this. Why? Because these TikTok stars have large followings on social media and their fanbase will most likely support them in whatever project they’re in. It’s worth noting that, Dixie, alone has over 27.9M followers on TikTok. The first episode of Attaway General has over 5.4 million views on YouTube with additional episodes pulling in millions of views each week. Now, a large portion of those views might come from people just watching because of how bad it is, but I have a feeling that the fans of these TikTok stars are also a large portion of this high viewership. So, you might ask the question: what’s the problem then if they’re pulling in these high views? Well the answer is pretty simple, the acting and overall writing is just simply not great. Now, before any of these stans attack me let me explain why reasoning for saying this. It’s not that I don’t believe people such as Dixie can act, but I think that like anyone going into the industry, they should’ve gotten proper acting lessons first. The bad acting can also be attributed to the weak dialogue and I will give the defense that actors are only able to do so much with what they’re being given. Not all the acting on the show is that bad however a show should not have a mixture of bad and good acting. I feel like this project was just rushed and Brat didn’t try to provide any acting lessons for the TikTok stars. In a way, Brat kind of set them up for failure because half of the internet is roasting the cast for their bad acting. But at the end of the day, this show is pulling in views and most likely money as a result so they probably do not care.

Problem #2-The Writing Is Just Not Great

I get that this is a Brat production and based off shows like Chicken Girls, we shouldn’t expect high quality but at the same time if your given a platform like this, you should try to have high quality. I’ve said this before, Brat has been able to make semi-decent content before. I feel like for this they just wanted to capitalize off the success of Grey’s Anatomy and knew that TikTok stars would be a huge draw. The writing is all over the place and once again I blame the short episode length as a result. With having episodes only range 8-11 minutes, you’re not going to be able to properly flesh out a story or a character within that small amount of time. The romance subplots are a typical Brat trope but once again, they’re done in a weak manner. There’s no build up at all, they just rush to the point and neither “ship” feels earned at all. Sometimes a slow burn method is the way to go. With “Attaway General”, the characters are with each other romantically within the first 2-3 episodes. Dixie’s character has a love interest that is literally introduced within the first episode and by the next episode they’re making out. No build up at all but because Dixie and Griffin are TikTok stars, stans instantly are all for it. The drama feels super forced and at times, the conflict is just so petty and ridiculous. The only character that really gets any type of growth is Dixie’s character, who shows more of her personality as the episodes evolve. The scenarios are very unrealistic and even professional doctors and nurses have reacted to this. The show might have been taken more seriously had the writers of maybe researched what it means to be a teen volunteer and maybe look into what goes on in a hospital. There’s the character named Kit, who is a know it all desperately wanting to be a doctor who falls in love with this boy known as Holden who she calls “bus boy” because she met him after he got into a bus accident. As if calling someone a nickname from their possibly traumatizing accident is supposed to be cute? A majority of the show focuses on the romance subplots and other drama which is basically the formula of Grey’s Anatomy so that’s what this show is. I personally think the concept of teens volunteering at a hospital isn’t bad and is quite interesting but the way it Brat portrays it feels unrealistic and underwhelming.

The General Conclusion

So we have reached the end of this article and I think the general conclusion of this whole show is that it’s just a kids version of Grey’s Anatomy with TikTok stars. I think I’ve stated that before but ya know I’m just saying it again because that’s basically what it is. I know it’s supposedly for kids but that doesn’t in my opinion, excuse poor writing and the lackluster acting. I’m not trying to put down the actors or the writers, but I truly believe that if the writing and the acting of the cast was a bit better, the show would be semi-decent. Just my opinion. The show doesn’t fail to entertain me, I mean I find it to be more comical which probably isn’t what the network wants but I guess they don’t care because the show is pulling in massive views and that equals ad revenue. Regardless, the show is “entertaining” so I guess at the end of the day that’s all that matters even if the dialogue is a hot mess and the show is an absolute dumpster fire.

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