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We Watched Scoob So You Don’t Have To

Did WB really think people would want to pay $20 to rent this? I mean this one is going to the doghouse.

As a long term fan of Scooby Doo I saw the commercial and immediately had my concerns and boy was I right! This movie was very underwhelming and not very interesting to say the least. So this is me and my friend’s commentary of how we felt about this tragedy. Warning, there are spoilers because this is well a spoiler-filled commentary. If you want, click off and come back once you’ve watched the film OR if you want to save yourself, just read our commentary. The choice is yours.

What did you think of the mystery gang all meeting each other for the first time?

N.J: It wasn’t awful but it wasn’t great with the way they did it. I think the first 15 minutes of the movie were hands down the most solid part about the film. After that the film goes completely downhill. I think the music sequence that paid tribute to the original opening theme song/sequence was a nice little touch so I will give them props on that.

K.D: I felt like it was very weak any one could have thought of Shaggy being that lonely kid that had no friends and finding a stray dog. Not very original. Even when they met the whole gang it was just kind of lame like just meeting when trick or treating?

Did any part of the movie bring back any nostalgia?

N.J: Yeah no, it didn’t even feel like a Scooby Doo movie at all. The gang was separated from Shaggy and Scooby only 20 minutes into the film and they didn’t even regroup with each other until the very end. It felt like they just took the characters of Scooby Doo and shoved them into an Avengers style superhero flick. It didn’t give me any nostalgia because it didn’t feel like Scooby Doo. They failed miserably in that department.

K.D: Not.At.All For one thing there was no mystery to the whole movie. None of it gave off real Scooby Doo vibes if it wasn’t for their names and clothes, I would have thought I was watching some super hero cartoon.

How did you feel about the plot?

N.J: It was lame and as I’ve mentioned before, did not feel like a Scooby Doo project. The plot was predictable and without the element of “mystery”, it resulted in the overall story to feel very generic and unoriginal. I mean what we’re they smoking? Having the main villain use Scooby to open the gates of the underworld? What kind of storyline is that? The villain, Dick, was also a lame villain to begin with. I’m very irritated they threw in Blue Falcon into the mix as well because the main focus should’ve been the Mystery Gang. Overall, I just was not a fan of the plot. Also, that Simon Cowell cameo was just cringe. What purpose did his cameo serve in the end besides making Shaggy and Scooby feel like crap. Felt super forced.

K.D: Boring! So predictable plus it was a very generic plot line like I don’t feel like a lot of thought was put into the making of this movie.

What could have done different?

N.J: Almost the entire movie could of been done differently. This movie should’ve been the Mystery Gang investigating a “mystery”. You could’ve still had Blue Falcon in it but given him less of a prominent role. The gang should’ve been together for a majority of the movie and again this film needed a legit mystery. There was no mystery case in this move at all. It was lame. The humor and jokes were also super forced and unfunny. The Netflix joke really gets me in the worst way possible. The humor felt like it was meant to appeal to adults but came across as cringey.

K.D: Lot’s of things! For one thing I would have liked to see the gang stick together through it more and would have dumped the crossovers I feel like it just didn’t work the way they had envisioned it. Plus Shaggy and Scooby getting into a fight has been done before and Shaggy being that upset about him just taking off his collar! Like he can put it back on you know. The humor throughout this movie just fell flat and wasn’t executed properly.

What did this film lack?

Scoob! director Tony Cervone opens up about those end credit ...

N.J: Everything. It lacked mystery, heart and much originality.

K.D: Everything.

What Was The Best Of The Movie?

NJ: The first 15 minutes. After that it all goes to hell.

K.D: The credits.

Thoughts on the movie’s ending?

SCOOB! | Scoobypedia | Fandom

N.J: It was okay I guess for what it was, I didn’t love it but my expectations were so insanely low, I didn’t really have a ideal ending in mind. I was just ready for the movie to be over if I’m being honest. It was very predictable and that new mystery machine vehicle was absolutely hideous looking. Why mess with perfection? The ending was just meh, not awful but okay.

K.D: I know they were going for the whole sad part where it looks like Shaggy was gone for good but did anyone really fall for that? Maybe if your under the age of 10, and by destroying the iconic mystery machine and replacing it with an atrocious vehicle that looks like a giant bug that should be squashed you must have known your going to make fans mad.

Overall thoughts and Comments?

N.J: I think this movie failed as a “Scooby Doo” movie and just served as a set up for a larger cinematic universe within the Hanna Barbera continuity. I feel like this movie could be a decent crossover movie but as a first installment it felt very disappointing and lacked the heart of mystery that the cartoons had. This is once again a failed attempt at a studio wanting to cash in on “the shared universe” formula that Marvel has. Start off with a good Scooby Doo movie then we can discuss doing a team up movie with other Hanna Barbera characters. Considering they dumped this through PVOD (I know due to the pandemic but still) and it’s gotten poor reviews, I think this will be the first and last installment of their attempted Hanna Barbera Universe. I honestly don’t know why they even wanted to make it a thing to begin with.

K.D: I will never watch this movie again I can pretty much guarantee that. I feel like I lost a lot of brain cells and 90 minutes of my life I will never get back. The only thing I can say is nice try but please please don’t ever make a second one!

What did you overall think of Scoob? Tell us in the comments below!

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