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Your Guide To The Streaming Wars

Remember the good old days when we just had Netflix and Hulu? Yeah those were simpler times.

It’s no surprise that we are now living in a digital era of entertainment. Cable TV is kind of on it’s way out and the future of television and film it’s here in the form of streaming. Now during a pandemic, it’s becoming even more increasingly in demand and well it’s safe to say that at this point, there are plenty of options to choose from. From the OG streaming platform, Netflix, to the latest family friendly, Disney Plus, many studios have decided to capitalize off the streaming era and are making their own streaming services. Yay for us because we are the ones that get to spend the money on monthly subscriptions. I honestly just miss the days when it was just Netflix and Hulu but let’s be real those days are long gone. Although, I will add that I honestly still prefer Netflix over a majority of these new streaming services. Can we also talk about how pointless Quibi is? I lowkey think it’s so funny how they blame the pandemic on it’s failure because in my opinion, that service was bound to fail either way. Anyways, in this article, we will be diving into each streaming service including the content, the price, and the overall factors that might have you making a decision on what services you want to pay for. Also, these prices might change and if they do, please let us know in the comments so we can update them as soon as possible. We strive to give you accurate information especially when it comes to choosing from a million different streaming services. There’s just so many choices and only so much money to spend. It’s only a matter of time before we start getting bundles like cable. Oh wait, Disney has already done that with their Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu package. Let’s dive into your guide to the streaming wars. And to all the companies out there competing, may the odds be ever in your favor. I know that quote is kind of outdated but it’s too good not to use.

Netflix (The OG Streaming Service)

Price: $8.99 (Basic) $12.99 (Standard) $15.99 (Premium)

The OG of the streaming services, Netflix is the service we all know very well and it’s the platform that set the path for this new era of the entertainment industry. Netflix is currently offered worldwide and is known for having a large range of content to watch. There is licensed content offered such as Riverdale, Supernatural, Twin Peaks, among more well known favorites. There is also Netflix original content such as Stranger Things, and of course Tiger King. It’s clear why Netflix is the most common choice among audiences. I personally still prefer Netflix. Sure, there’s a fair share of garbage content on there platform but there’s still a huge range of high quality content that keeps me invested. Due to various licensing agreements, some shows might not be available in certain regions. I think almost everyone knows about Netflix, as there’s currently over 100M subscribers and following the COVID19 Pandemic, subscriber rates boosted even more. Remember when people said Disney+ would kill Netflix? Ha the irony.

Disney Plus

Price: $6.99 (Monthly)

Introducing the latest company to hit the streaming market is Disney+. Starting at just $6.99 a month, the Disney streaming service has a catalogue including the classic Disney library, Star Wars, Marvel, National Geographic and even the latest Fox properties. Original content on the service at launch included the high budgeted Star Wars: The Mandalorian, Encore, a High School Musical series, Noelle, and even a live action adaptation of Lady & The Tramp and along with more original content. Upcoming  original content on the service will include various Marvel shows including WandaVision, Falcon & Winter Soldier and more. Other original series include upcoming Star War series, and exclusive originals that will be on the Disney+ service. In addition to the service, there’s a bundle deal option that features Hulu, Disney+ and ESPN+ for just $12.99 a month for all three services. Verizon FIOS customers with unlimited data or the Fios internet will also get their first year of Disney+ for free. I’m currently broke and can’t afford unlimited data so I pay monthly for Disney plus but if you have unlimited data, you get a year free. Congrats.


Couldn’t find an interface for Hulu so this is the best I could find.

Price: $5.99 (Basic Plan) 11.99 (Premium No Ads)

The service Hulu currently starts at $5.99 for the basic plan and $11.99 for premium with no adds. A package including Live TV costs $44.99 among one of the many packages on this service. Programming includes both licensed TV and movie content to their own Hulu originals. Some of these originals include well known series such as The Mandmaids Tale, Marvel’s Runaways, Love Victor, and more. Remember when this service used to be free? Yeah that was the good days but in today’s crowded market of streaming services, I think they’re reasons for becoming a paid streaming service are justifiable.

HBO Max (WarnerMedia)

Price: $14.99 (Monthly)

From Warner Media, is their upcoming service known as “HBO Max”. The streaming service launched pretty recently starting at $14.99 a month with a large range of content. The entire HBO library will be available at launch alongside other content such as DC, Boomerang, Cartoon Network, Roosterteeth, Crunchy Roll, podcasts and more. Original HBO Max content will include various DC projects featuring shows and movies, more original films, alongside a series of animated Adventure Time specials and more original content. Licensed content includes Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Doctor WHO, The Office UK, Pretty Little Liars, and more. One of the highlighted upcoming HBO Max originals set to release in 2021 is Zack Synder’s Justice League, which is a directors cut version from the 2017 Justice League film. This was literally just announced not to long ago, so if you wanted the Synder Cut, congrats you finally get your chance to determine if it’s a masterpiece or not.

CBS All Access

Price: $5.99 ( With Commercials) $9.99 (Commercial Free)

 Starting at $5.99 a month ($9.99 for no commercials) is CBS All Access. With a “whopping” 4M subscribers as of February 2019, the service has a range of new original content. Some of their originals include Star Trek: Discovery, The Twilight Zone reboot, an animated Star Trek series, as well as other several new projects in the works. Syndicated content on the service includes  more Star Trek, Cheers, MacGyver, Twin Peaks, CSI: Miami, and more including a variety of licensed films. Want my personal take on this platform? I think the plan with commercials should be free. There’s my hot take.

Peacock (NBC Universal)

Price: Free (With Commercials) Premium ($4.99)

From NBC universal is their upcoming service known as Peacock. Yes, that name is real and no your not the only one that thinks it sounds atrociously awful. Anyways, the platform is expected to have established content such as The Office, Parks & Recreation, and other NBC properties. Original exclusive content that will premiere on the network includes A.P. Bio, Dr.Death, and a Saved By The Bell reboot. I saw the trailer for the Saved By The Bell “reboot” and it honestly looked….not that great but you know I’ll save that judgement until I actually watch it. Comment down below if you want a commentary review. If it’s as bad as I think it’s going to be, we might have a pretty good roast article. Anyways, the good news is this service is “free as a bird” with commercials of course and if you want to upgrade to the premium you can pay $4.99. Originally, I thought this platform was going to be a huge disaster because it sounded absolutely pointless but the free aspect of it might be it’s saving grace. The price for the premium isn’t too bad either so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt although I still prefer Netflix if I’m being honest.

Apple TV+

Price: $4.99 (Monthly)

From Apple comes Apple TV+ and currently is priced at $4.99 a month. Apple users who get an apple device will get their first year of the service for free. Consisting of only original content at launch, the network has nine shows currently on their platform. These shows included Snoopy In Space, Dickinson, The Morning Show, See, For All Man Kind, The Elephant Queen, Ghost Writer, and Helpsters. Apple TV+ has continued to rank up it’s library with upcoming series such as Defending Jacob (Staring Chris Evans)

Amazon Prime Video

Price: $12.99 (Monthly)

From Amazon, is Prime Video which is apart of the Amazon Prime service starting at $12.99 per month. Aside from Prime special deals and free shipping, the streaming service has a variety of licensed content including their own Prime originals. Original content exclusively on the service include The Man In The High Castle, Carnival Row, and more. 


Price: $4.99 monthly (With Ads) $7.99 Monthly (Without Ads)

Moving onto our final streaming platform that just recently came out this year is Quibi. This network is a short form type of platform with having content that lasts around 10 minutes. These are referred to as “Quick Bites” and are essentially created to be content that you can watch on the go and you can watch both vertically or horizontally. Each of their shows seem to star very well known celebrities so I’m guessing the investors of this platform paid a bunch of money expecting this to be a hit. Except there’s a problem because you have to pay for this and as of now it’s only available on mobile devices although they might upgrade to other devices in the future. I personally don’t see the purpose in getting this, even without COVID, I don’t think this would’ve done well and the fact you have to pay up to $7.99 for an add-free version just makes it less appealing but we felt we should include this because why not? All of the content on here is original but it’s short, bite sized content that is meant to watch on the go. The concept of Quibi might of worked better if it was just a streaming platform with full length shows and movies.

How Do I Choose What Services To Use?

As we’ve come to the conclusion of this guide to the streaming wars, we will short of give some advice how to choose among all these millions of streaming services. Got to love capitalism right? To start off, the huge benefit of streaming services is that you can subscribe and cancel anytime. So if you want to subscribe to Disney+ just for the Marvel shows then cancel after they’re done, you have that option. That’s the magic of streaming services. There are some services that I don’t mind spending money subscribing too. Here are are the things you should keep in mind when looking to subscribe to a streaming network.

  • The Overall Price
  • Overall Content That Appeals To You
  • Quality Of The Service
  • Quality Of The Overall Content

With these things being kept in mind, you can make a decision as to what network you see yourself watching the most. I personally will always love Netflix even if it comes down to just their own original content. Some streaming services will do well (Disney Plus, HBO Max) but others will probably fail or end up being a mediocre (cough cough *Peacock and Quibi). I just think that people just don’t want to pay for a million streaming services and as crazy as it sounds I don’t think all these are going to kill Netflix. Now I’m biased but I just don’t want to see Netflix go away. Maybe that’s just me but who you want to subscribe to is completely up to you. Hopefully this “guide” was somewhat useful in your decision as to what service to spend you money on.

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