Strange Star Wars Merchandise

Long ago in a galaxy, far far away, two friends who went on a journey to uncover weird Star Wars merchandise. Here are their results.

Star Wars is undoubtedly one of the biggest movie franchises out there and has millions of fans from all across the globe. Fans of any fandom just love to get their hands on any merchandise that comes from their favorite interest but are some of these items going too far or just too weird? We decided to gather some of the weirdest and most bizarre items of Star Wars merchandise that somehow for Whatever reason exists.

This Jar Jar Binks “Lollipop”

KD: This is just plain weird and gross. It just boggles my mind on how the makers of this didn’t see how this looks so inappropriate.

NJ: It’s bad enough that Jar Jar Binks is one of the worst characters within the franchise but the fact they have a lollipop in the form of his tongue? Yikes. Who honestly thought this was a good idea. The thing looks absolutely horrifying, I mean what kid would even want this?

This Awkwardly Placed C3P0 Tape Holder

KD: This makes me think of the tape being like a saw blade slicing him in half and that’s why he looks horrified. Definitely not something I’d want on my desk.

NJ: The concept is neat but it looks so…..awkward on so many levels. I don’t know why I find this particular piece of merchandise so weird but the placement of C3P0 is just funny. Maybe I just have a dirty mind but the position just looks hilariously bad.

This Weird Yoda Plush

KD: This looks more like a deformed green old man than Yoda. I don’t find him cute. He looks like he is staring at you.

NJ: I’m sorry but this is absolutely atrocious. It lowkey looks like a hybrid of both Yoda and Danny DeVito, no joke. I feel like there’s other plushes of Yoda you could buy that would resemble him more than whatever this mess is.

This Weird Star Wars Sleeping Bag?

KD: This I think was a very creative idea with Luke being placed in the dead Tauntaun in The Empire Strikes Back. It’s sure to get some laughs at a slumber party with Star Wars fans.

NJ: What even is this? The bigger question is the costume the dude is wearing included? I personally feel that there’s better Star War sleeping bags out there to choose from. This one in particular is just not it, although the head being a pillow was a nice touch so there’s a positive to it.

This Han Solo Carbonite Inflatable Costume

KD: I would personally burst out laughing if someone walked into a Halloween party or costume party wearing this. The movement in this thing looks very confining and would be hilarious watching someone try to manage it.

NJ: There’s so much to dissect here. First off who would pay $64 for this and why does this even exist? I mean there’s many other Star War costumes to choose from, this one is just not it in my opinion. Woof.

This Darth Vader Toaster

KD: I think this is cool but I’m skeptical about how well this would work. The toast in this pic doesn’t even look toasted except for almost burnt in the middle. Great for those who like their toast on the Dark Side.

NJ: This is honestly one of the most “normal” out of the bunch. I just don’t know if I would want Star Wars imprinted on my toast every morning.

This Weird Inflatable Horse Thing?

KD: More Tauntaun merch I low key loved these as a kid but this costume ill pass on. I feel if you weren’t surounded by a bunch of Star Wars fans people wouldn’t get it.

NJ: Are those the animals that were featured in The Last Jedi? Imagine someone showing up to a Halloween costume party in this. That would be absolutely hilarious in my opinion. The concept I just cannot take seriously, I think it’s slightly better than the Han Solo carbonite costume so I’ll give it that. Still, it looks weird like there’s better Star War costumes out there.

These Chewbacka Crocks

KD: Not being a fan of crocs personally so I wouldn’t even consider buying these. I feel the point of crocs is so your feet can “breath” through the holes I feel like the fur is contradicting this.

NJ: I feel like without the fur, these might be not as ridiculous but the concept still baffles me. Wouldn’t your feet get sweaty from the fur? Like I know people wear crocs year round but no way you could wear these in the summer in like humid weather.

This “Unique” Princess Leia Bobblehead

KD: This bobble head looks more like a man than Carrie Fisher.

NJ: I know bobble heads usually look strange but I just find the face to be strange and not something I’d own.

These Han Solo Carbonite Pop-Tarts (Iconic)

KD: I don’t know if these are real but I really hope they are these look awesome and I would totally buy these.

NJ: As weird as these look, I kind of dig it. Kind of a weird choice for a Pop Tart but then again there’s an inflatable costume of Han Solo in Carbonite so I guess maybe companies have gotten to the point where they’re desperate for new Star War ideas. I mean as long as they taste good I guess that’s all that matters.

So In Conclusion…..

Surprisingly there is a wide range of weird and honestly questionable Star Wars merchandise that does exist to our surprise. Some of the merchandise we discovered was weirder than others but we think it’s safe to say that there is a diverse amount of Star Wars stuff that can be used on various occasions. We just advise you to act with caution when looking for merchandise to add to your collection.

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