Our Current Post Schedule (Updated)

This is another "Whatever" public service announcement.
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Why Hello There Again,

It’s been a crazy few weeks but we decided to announce our updated schedule situation regarding when new posts on our site will be going up. Since we’re still relatively new to this, we will be slowly increasing of our content in phases so that we can handle consistently providing our readers content while also not running out of our creative juices. We believe that until we can recruit more writers to help us with content, we will focus our shift to an average one article per week. We will also be posting actively on our social media accounts within the next several weeks.

We realize that this journey is just beginning and since we are still new to this, we are trying to find our niche still. There’s several exciting projects we hope to incorporate as well as expanding our team by finding talented creative talent that we believe speaks to our brand. Due to the current events, we’ve had to work remotely which has proven to be not difficult but also not an ideal way that we’d like to work. We prefer the in-person model for certain scenarios when it comes to planning certain projects. So bare with us as we continue to navigate our way through this new and exciting journey of uncovering various new ways to express creativity with the world.

The Whatever Team

P.S. If you are a writer or someone in the field or design or social media marketing, contact is if you’d be interested in joining our team down the line.

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