The Basics Of Rocket League Nations

The gaming world has quite a few games and different ways of playing. One of my all time favorite games is Rocket League. In this game there four competitive game modes. From 1v1 to 3v3 standard and 3v3 solo. The big thing in this game to rotate with your teammates. This is also essential for any game such as Apex Legends but the main game that we are going to focus on is Rocket League. Rotations in rocket league when you’re playing are easy but when you’re able to establish a solid team that you play with regularly is simple one person stays back with the front of there car generally facing in the general direction of the ball ready to assist when necessary while the other player or two takes turns moving the ball towards the goal. The thing to keep in mind that rotating with two teammates is you also rotate sides of the goal trying to get the other teams boost winning a boost battle. So in essence the is two wars going on in the game get the ball into the other teams goal and also getting boost while preventing the other team from getting any.

The big thing that I have learned playing the game for about a year constantly for now is having trust in your teammates while at the same time being ready to defend. Defend rotations tend to be slightly different in 2v2 play try to keep the ball out of your own goal meanwhile trying to get a reserve your boost to save the ball if there happens to be a shot on goal. In 3v3 play one person stays in the middle while the other two teammates stay towards the sides to clear the ball up the pitch towards the other teams goal.

After you clear the ball upwards a designated person should head towards center field to help push the ball forward. This will make it easier to help your teammates and also by time to get up field while gathering boost to make your attack on the goal. Keep in mind it is still essential that one player remains in center field to keep the ball from getting to close to your own goal.

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