Top 10 Weird Nicolas Cage Merchandise

The internet is just.....weird sometimes.

The internet is just……..weird sometimes. You know one night, around 1 or 2AM I was scrolling on Amazon and came across Nicolas Cage merchandise. I honestly was questioning why half of this merchandise is available to buy but was also wondering why I was spending almost an hour looking at this. I decided that the stuff I discovered was too good not to share so here we are. Compiled in this article is a list of the most bizarre Nicolas Cage merchandise I could find from slightly offensive candles to even creepy face pillows. Believe it or not this stuff does actually exist and to this day, I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe Nicolas Cage has his own little fanbase of super fans who will buy anything with his face on it? Who knows but I found some of this stuff to be absolutely hilarious. I’m also joined here with my friend, K.D. Wilson, as we both give our initial thoughts and concerns around this bizarre set of merchandise. Let’s dive in shall we?

#10-This Nicolas Cage Pillow.

NJ: “Out of all the merchandise, I’m really bewildered as to why they zoomed in so close in on his face. Like there are probably so many other appealing photos of Nicolas Cage, why use this one?”

Here we have the Nicolas Cage sequin pillow which if you love Nicolas Cage this much, would probably look great in your living room. What’s interesting and terrifying about this product, is it’s a up close and personal of you guessed it…..Nicolas Cage. I’m not sure why whoever came up with this product thought it was a great idea to zoom in so close to his face but I think the main concern should be, why does this product exist. It’s available among many online retailers including Amazon, Wish, and even AliExpress. So if it’s sold out somewhere, relax you have other places where you can get it, although I’m not sure why anyone would want this.

KD: “I’d keep it with the red side and wait for an unsuspecting guest to start playing with it and laugh at their reaction lol”

#9-Nicolas Cage Declaration Of Independence Blanket.

NJ: “Looks kind of cozy, I’ll give it that but I think the concept of having this as a blanket to snuggle up with gives me unsettling vibes.”

Remember how Nicolas Cage was in that movie called National Treasure and in the movie he essentially needs to steal the declaration of independence to find the treasure? Yeah I assume this blanket is based off that. The only downside is it’s terrifying and that close up of Nicolas Cage’s face will forever now haunt me in my dreams. Again I’m not sure who would want this but it’s available on Amazon.

KD: “This reminds me of Cassandra from Dr.Who”

#8-Nicolas Cage Coloring Books.

KD: “Pictures look more like something out of a horror movie, not something that could relieve stress.”

So if you want to some good coloring therapy, there’s even a Nicolas Cage coloring book. Well it’s an unofficial coloring book and it’s currently on Amazon, there’s another one as well so you have even more options to choose from. Isn’t that great? There’s nothing like spending a good old rainy day coloring in various pictures of Nicolas Cage’s face, I guess.

NJ: Interesting, I honestly think I’d rather stick to coloring books featuring flowers or cats, the facial expressions just give me the creeps.

#7-Nicolas Cage Bunny Sticker. (Perfect For Easter Baskets)

KD: “Not your average Easter Bunny”

So if you want to get the kids something fun for their Easter Basket, this Nicolas Cage Rabbit Sticker is the right pick for you. Would a kid want this? Probably not. I’m pretty much grown and this sticker creeps me the heck out but at the same time it’s kind of adorable. I mean maybe Nicolas Cage should consider voicing a rabbit or the makers of the movie, Cats, can use this as inspiration to make a live action musical and title it “Rabbits”.

NJ: “I can’t tell if he’s yelling “YASSSSSSSS” or “NOOOOO!”, could be both”

#6-Japanese Nicolas Cage Corn Snacks.

KD: I think I’ll pass on trying these.

Believe it or not but there was even a Nicolas Cage corn snack in Japan. That’s right, during 2017, as a tie in with his film (Army Of One). However, it doesn’t seem like it was “Nicolas Cage Approved” because he never signed off on having his face on a corn snack package. I’m pretty sure these are just corn snacks from Japan, I don’t think it’s really a Nicolas Cage designed snack but the packaging is super bizarre and weird.

NJ: Huh bizarre to say at the least.

#5-Nicolas Cage Backpack.

KD: You’ll be the talk of the school with this stylish backpack

Need a new backpack for the Fall semester or going back to school in general? Well, if your a fan of Nicolas Cage then congrats your in luck! There is a legit backpack of the one and only iconic zoomed in shot of Nicolas Cage’s face. Who knows, maybe you’ll even run into a fellow Nicolas Cage fan, who was also dumb enough to buy this backpack. Those chances are really slim though so if I were you I would just stick to the sequin pillow that we mentioned earlier. Just saying for your own dignity.

NJ: If you want to stand out from everyone else in the crowd, congrats, this one is for you!

#4-This Nicolas Cage Cat Sweater

KD: Didn’t know Nicolas Cage was in the movie Cats lol

So moving on, we have a comfy sweater……..of Nicolas Cage as a cat. You know, the photoshop hybrid of Nicolas Cage and the cat is both weirdly intriguing yet horrifying at the same time. Not gonna lie I think he looks better as a cat than Jason Derulo did.

NJ: If you love Nicolas Cage and the movie, Cats, then this sweater is the best of both worlds.

#3-Rainbow Nicolas Cage Pillow

NJ: Looks like the rainbow is coming out from both sides of his head.

Here we have yet another pillow featuring obviously Nicolas Cage, now this one really pops out because it features a rainbow. Anyways, I still don’t know what the point of this pillow is but I saw it and I thought it looked slightly less weird than the sequin one. At least it’s not an extreme close up of the dude’s face. It’s just so weird.

KD: He’ll be watching you as you sleep

#2-Nicolas Cage In A Banana Peel T-Shirt

KD: only cool guys sleep in bananas

Now this is something that will literally haunt me in my dreams. This here is a T-shirt of a shirtless Nicolas Cage, coming out of a banana peel. I mean there’s just not enough words to describe how questionable that “artwork” is that is featured on the T-Shirt. Who would buy this and why? People with a weird fetish for Nicolas Cage stuff? Also what dude would want this?

NJ: Why Nicolas Cage looks like he’s saying “How You Doin?”.

#1-Nicolas Face Shirt

NJ: This shirt is not stylin, it looks like something from a bizarre Japanese game show.

So this one takes the cake. Right here, we have a shirt covered entirely in Nicolas Cage’s face, isn’t that great? I literally question who would buy this but if you do decide to buy it, make sure to tag us on Instagram and we’ll give you a shout out if you do. I mean there’s just no words. I guess Nicolas Stans must exist because how else would this type of clothing exist on the internet, especially RedBubble because just like the sticker, this is where it’s available to purchase.

KD: The perfect shirt to go with the backpack

So we have reached the end of this very bizarre and questionable post. I hope you enjoyed this article for what it was, I will say it was very fun for us to write. We always find ourselves enjoying looking at all the weird bizarre stuff that is available on the internet. There’s probably even more weird stuff but this is what we were able to water it down to.

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