From The Desk Of Vera Allen Introduction

Hello there!

Allow me to introduce myself! My name is Vera Allen (yes, I know you could read my makeshift letterhead – but I am nothing if not for basic social graces, so… bear with me). I am a huge fan of reading, writing, and so many other things. I’m also super grateful to my friend N.J. and K.D. for giving me the opportunity to post these op-eds on “It’s Whatever”. While I helped with some of the finer details (well, enough to become part of the team), this was more than I could’ve expected in hospitality!

These op-eds aren’t going to be political commentary (well, beyond me reminding y’all to use th gift from our founding fathers and brave suffragettes and go VOTE, or a history/importance of a certain day that may edge on the political. BUT there’ll be no trashing of the any political parties: Democrat, Republican, or even the Whig Party – are they still around today?).  Sorry… tangent… Anyway, I’ll talk about writing, the books I’ve read, movies I love, and actors I like, etc. I look foward to all of the op-eds and inside jokes we’ll share throughout this!

Many Blessings!

-Vera Allen

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