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Watching "Tall Girl" from a tall girl perspective.

Scrolling through Netflix I saw the title (very original title) and was intriqued. The movie is about a girl named Jodie who is in highschool and is about her struggles being tall. Being a tall girl myself, I decided to watch it and see how relatable it was. Yes, she does have an inch on me Jodie is 6′ 1” and I’m 6 ft but still close enough to give my opinion so lets get right into it. (SPOILER ALERT if you actually care)

Netflix's 'Tall Girl' falls short — The Hofstra Chronicle

In the beginning we see Jodie sitting in the library and she notices a good looking guy sitting across the room. They make eye contact and start smiling at each other (you know the typical sappy stuff lol) he gets up and starts talking to her and basically asks her out. She agrees and then stands up and he sees that she’s really tall and much taller than him. This, right here is very relatable I really don’t like standing up while someone is already standing because I feel like a giant rising up in front of them (sounds strange Ik but totally true). What’s not relatable at all, was his reaction I don’t think any guy would be like ‘Wow your a tall girl nevermind.” Which also brings us into the acting. The cringe is real so be prepared.

Can we talk about this scene like this was a moment where I was thinking any minute now she’s going to wake up from a day dream…… but no this scene happened. This scene reaked of cheese but it was short lived by his crazy girlfriend. Like idk what his deal with her was I’ve never really understood movies where guys have such bad taste in girlfriends.

I feel like this movie was pretty predictable with Jack her friend that made it known that he liked her as more than friends and her ending up with him other than the “Jumbo Sweed.” as Jack called him XD and Jodie feeling insecure about her height and at the end giving a speech how to be comfortable with yourself. I have found 9 out of 10 people actually really admire tall people and look up to them (Pun intended :)). I think this movie was supposed to relay that message but it wasn’t done in the right way. It’s nice that people try to make movies and stuff to show people these things but sometimes the best way to find these things out is just live and eventually you will find a way to be truly comfortable in your own skin. In conclusion, I didn’t hate it but I wouldn’t care to watch it again I’d give it a 5 out of ten.

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