Presenting The Seven Deadly Sins In Photography

Now I wasn’t going to originally post this but I felt the project was too good not to share and it was one of my most challenging projects yet so it felt earned. Back in the fall semester, my photography teacher gave us the assignment of taking photos of “The Seven Deadly Sins”. It was a project that really forced me to think out of my comfort zone and think outside the box as well. I’m glad my professor made me do it because he really challenged me as a photographer and while I could’ve done some things better, this was an interesting photo project overall. For all of these photos, I decided to edit them all in black and white to keep a consistent theme. All seven of the sins are also presented in black and white as I felt it made the overall photos look more crisp and of better quality. So now I present the “Seven Deadly Sins Project”.

The Sin Of Envy

This was by far the most challenging sin to shoot out of all seven. The definition of envy is desiring what someone else has. This might not of been the most perfect example but I felt I was able to translate the meaning of envy into this photo overall. Since for this project, I made each sin a material object, this represents a note of someone envying another person’s intelligence. I felt out of all these photos, this was really the photo that made people think the most since in my opinion as all the other photos in this article very obviously state the sin they’re representing.

The Sin Of Gluttony

This sin was overall easy to come up with and while I know there’s other ways to display the theme of gluttony, this was the best I could come up with. I was on a time crunch in my defense. If I had to reshoot any of the sins, it would most likely be this one because I think I could’ve done the photo 10x better. I consider this to be the weakest photo on a quality scale. I had another photo I was going to use of a pie but this photo of all the food displayed the theme of gluttony the best. Needless to say, I think I managed to display the sin of gluttony through the use of this photo although I feel there are other ways to display this without showing food.

The Sin Of Slothfulness

For the sin of “Slothfulness” I decided to go with someone holding a phone scrolling through Twitter. This is something I’m sure all of us, myself included, are guilty of. I honestly didn’t know what to do for this one but since I was going for a theme of objects or items representing the sins, this seemed to fit the theme. Once again I really loved the way the black and white ended up looking in the photo and I just felt really happy with how this one came out.

The Sin Of Greed

This one probably came across as slightly cliche but for “The Sin Of Greed” I went with money obviously because for this photo in particular I was feeling unoriginal. There were other ways to portray greed but money came to mind because I felt it would be easy to group it with “Greed”. While I wanted to try and think outside the box, I wanted to also portray the sins in a way that my teacher and classmates could comprehend easily. For this photo in particular I focused on the money as much as possible to make sure it would look clear enough and added the black and white filter.

The Sin Of Wrath

Moving onto “The Sin Of Wrath”, I went for a Alfred Hitchcock “Psycho” inspired photograph. My biggest pet peeve on this photo is probably the tag on the glove. Needless to say, this was actually a photo I sent in for my final portfolio project in which we had to send in a retaken photo of one of the sins. My original photo was of a soda can being crushed and while I like both I honestly prefer the Hitchcock inspired style I went for. It’s creepy and with the black and white added in, really portrayed the mysterious vibe I was going for.

Here is the original photo I used for wrath in the project. This photo shows a hand crushing a soda can in anger. I ended up re-shooting this with the photo I used above and honestly I feel that both photos portray the sin of wrath overall. My only complaint and this is something that was pointed out in critique, was the logo on the front of the can was a bit distracting. Then again I don’t know if turning the can around to a different side would of made much of a difference.

The Sin Of Pride

Moving onto “The Sin Of Pride”, I ended up taking a photo of various medals being held up almost to portray not only the pride but also bragging about achievements in a way. Since the main goal was to portray the sins through various different objects or things, the medals ended up being a solid fit.

The Sin Of Lust

For this last one we have “The Sin Of Lust”. Now, this isn’t a perfect representation of that sin in particular but I do think it represents a certain story I was trying to tell. This photo shows a ring being taken off and the meaning of taking it off to lust basically. Since I was on a time crunch, this was the best I could come up with but I still felt it was able to portray that sin overall. My biggest issue with the photo is I felt the picture was taken from an awkward angle. It just looks weird in my opinion and I felt I could of taken it a little bit better. Maybe from a different angle it could’ve looked slightly less weird.

What Did I Learn From This Project?

What I learned from this project was to really brainstorm and find a certain story to tell when taking photos. Finding a creative idea and making it a particular story to tell, makes it more of a challenge but it also in my opinion improves photography skills as a result. For me personally, I always looked forward to photo critique because everyone’s photos felt different and dissecting what the meaning was made it more engaging. Surprisingly while this was one of the more difficult projects for me to shoot, it wasn’t the most challenging one. It did challenge me but I had other assignments that required more work and felt more time consuming. The most challenging part for me personally was finding different ways to portray the sins. Overall, I felt I learned alot from this and looking back on it, I think I did a “somewhat” decent job. I probably should’ve gone back and ended the tag out of the wrath photo but frankly, I didn’t feel like doing it so I guess my laziness is something I need to urgently work on.

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