Welcome To It’s Whatever Studios: Something New Is Here.

We told you we were coming, it just might've taken us a bit longer than expected lol.
Our Creative Process: Imagine It, Pursue It, Create It

Once Upon A Time….

       In a not-so far-away kingdom, there was a guy with a dream and a girl with an incomparable ingenuity. Together, they dreamed of a world where creativity in all forms prospered and the possibilities were infinite. Pooling their resources and their strength, they set out on a journey to make their vision a reality. They battled many obstacles along the way – sometimes inside their own beings – and befriended a few other creative who shared their love of creativity. Relying on their wits, their dreams, and – most importantly – their imaginations, the brave adventurers worked to spread the light of creativity across the land. This website bears witness to their story, yet… it’s only the beginning.

         And now, let us introduce our merry band of dreamers! Here comes N.J. now, the guy with a dream – a young man whose love of creativity knows no bounds, but whose greatest passion is design – and our spark. A spark that inspired Katie (here she is now!), the craftiest of artsy crafters. Between the two of them, the vision of ‘It’s Whatever’ was fostered and nurtured until it was time to take flight. As their vision grew greater and greater, more people were bound to flock, and so they did. Three offered their aid in the form of talents. And here they are. Josh, the first to offer aid, is a design fan whose creativity and knowledge is wide reaching. Second to help was Vera, a young writer with a dash of business savvy. Finally, to complete this bunch is Nyma, an outspoken young woman whose panache for finding new ways of expressing herself truly rounded out the group. Together they’ll take their talents to places they’d never dreamed of.

Together, Creativity Will Know No Limits.

Introducing The Creators: N.J. & K.D.

This is one of the very few pictures you’ll get of us so enjoy.

We are N.J. and K.D., the creators of “It’s Whatever. Studios”. No, our initials don’t stand for New Jersey or Kraft Dinner. Just wanted to clear the air on that one. We came up with the idea during last summer, we didn’t know what we wanted to do, if we wanted to do a YouTube Channel, an Instagram or even Podcast. First we needed a name, we thought back and forth as to what the name we could use when K.D. came up with a name idea…..It’s Whatever. Funny as it sounds, that name fits us because as long as we’ve done projects together we’ve never really fit in a certain niche, we have always enjoyed posting “whatever” we want. From arts & crafts to photography and entertainment stuff, we enjoy having the creativity to dabble in various topics. To make our name sound a little more snappier, we added the name “studios” to the end of our name. However, our nickname is still “It’s Whatever” so feel free to call us whatever you’d like.

Over the past seven months, we’ve worked on building a platform we felt would promote various types of creativity and their work. From photographers, to illustrators, to designers, gamers, and even writers, we want to showcase various types of creativity. We have since recruited different types of creators to help build a small team filled with obviously creativity and infinite possibilities. We’ve had to delay things a few times, well more like a million different times, but we realized in order to do it right, extra time was a requirement.

Meet The Mascot: C.I.P.

So in case, you didn’t notice, we have our own mascot named “C.I.P”. His initials stand for Create, Imagine, Pursue. These are the main elements we use when pursuing any project or skill we might be working on. The light bulb helmet represents coming up with a creative idea just within the snap of a finger. The concept of our astronaut came to be back during the beginning stages of the project. We then had the idea of adding the lightbulb as a helmet. To go the extra mile, we even gave C.I.P. a backstory.

“When he’s not the line cook in a small-town NY Diner, C.I.P. is off in space-his true home. A French American astronaut, C.I.P. traverses across the universe in search of creativity. While he loves his quest, C.I.P., often finds himself returning to earth for his all time favorite thing: french fries.”

Our Creative Process: Imagine It, Pursue it, Create It

Here we have a process we refer to as our creative process. This process is Imagine It + Pursue It + Create It. We use this as a way of coming up with any type of project that might be in the works within our site. The process of imagining is brainstorming and coming up with an idea. Next is the process of pursuing which is taking the steps to move the idea forward and the last step of the process is creating the idea and actually bringing it to reality. Since we’re all creators, we come up with various types of creative projects that we hope to share with all of you. We’ve spent kind of awhile working on this and we feel we’re pretty much prepared. We’re still new at this so bare with us, we’re getting there. Now with that being said, let’s let the imagining, pursuing, and creating begin shall we?

Welcome To Something New……

Basically, this is a stress free, creativity playground for anyone. There’s a little bit of this and that to appeal to various demographics. And yes, before you ask we DO recycle and believe in working together to make our earth a greener, and healthier place. The possibilities here are endless, so let the imagining, pursuing and creating begin.

Follow us on Instagram @itswhateverstudios for updates on new projects, articles, and a few other bizarre surprises.

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