Baby Yoda Merch That We Can and Can't Live Without.

As you all know Baby Yoda has taken the world by storm and of course like all popular things along comes the merch. With our love and maybe even obsession of our little green friend we are two of the millions of people ready to snatch up these cute trinkets as soon as they hit the shelves. There are a lot of adorable merch that is coming out but some…. not so much. So we have compiled our finds of some of the merchandise that we CAN and CANNOT live without.

Weird Baby Yoda Planter

NJ: CAN Live Without. I don’t plant often so I wouldn’t have a use for it. It’s not the worst Baby Yoda merchandise thing I’ve scene, in fact I find it kinda cute in it’s own quirky way.

KD: Can Live without. I think it is a cute little knickknack to have around but it isn’t really something I would buy personally.

Baby Yoda Ring

NJ: Can Live Out. Think it’s safe to say I wouldn’t spend over $495.00 on a ring that features Baby Yoda. Don’t get me wrong, it looks cool but I lowkey don’t know who would buy this, except some Star Wars super fan. I guess if your fiance loves baby yoda and Star Wars, then this is the ring for you.

KD: Can live without. Considering I don’t just have $495 lying around I won’t be buying this. Even if I did I wouldn’t be interested I love baby Yoda but he doesn’t look that cute in this form.

Baby Yoda Build A Bear

NJ: Can’t live without. I’m a sucker for anything Baby Yoda themed and that includes this plush. At first I wasn’t a fan but I think this looks more accurate to the actual child than other plushies I’ve seen.

KD: Can’t live without. Even though I’m most likely not going to buy this I think he looks real cute. I think they did do a good job with the face even though he doesn’t look 100% like him.

This Weird Baby Yoda Plush

NJ: Can Live Without. This doesn’t even look like Baby Yoda, it looks like some weird hybrid of Gollum, Dobby, and the baby from Ice Age in my opinion.

KD: Can live without. He just ain’t cute! He looks more like a mini green Dobby than the cute lovable baby Yoda.

This Fat Baby Yoda Backpack

NJ: Can Live Without. As KD mentioned, it gives me more Yoda vibes than anything else, doesn’t remind me of Baby Yoda in my opinion.

KD: Can live without. This gives me more “Yoda whose given up on himself.” rather than adorbs little Baby Yoda.

This Other Baby Yoda Backpack

NJ: Can live without. As much as I like the design, I don’t think I would ever use this except for maybe a display for our studio.

KD: Can live without. This was so close for me I think the design is cute and fun. But the face just misses something for me.

Baby Yoda Funko Pop

NJ: Can’t Live Without. I would totally buy this as I already like to collect some Funko pops, plus I like how it looks overall. At least this legit looks like Baby Yoda and not some knock off. Another reason why I prefer to stick with licensed merchandising, the quality is usually better imo.

KD: Can’t live without. I don’t really collect Funko Pops but I do if I see one from something I really like so…. I really need this.

This Weird Baby Yoda Sculpture

NJ: Can Live Without. Huge pass for me, the face looks horrifying. It looks like an inflated green oompaa loompa in my opinion. It’s not the worst piece of merchandise I’ve seen so I think it at least has that redeeming quality going for it.

KD: Can definitely live without. This thing is hideous and I mean that in the nicest way possible. Honestly I don’t think they even tried with this. Maybe you could get creative and use it as a Halloween decoration.

This Animatronic Baby Yoda

NJ: CAN Live Without for sure. The concept is cool but I don’t know the idea of an animatronic baby yoda just doesn’t appeal to me.

KD: Can Live Without. It’s cute and all but something about the animatronic part is kinda freaky imo.

Baby Yoda Two Pack Collectibles

NJ: Can Not Live Without. These are super cute and in my opinion look accurate to baby Yoda, I would totally buy these and display them on a self or something.

KD: Can Not Live Without. These are on the top of the list of the Baby Yoda things I want. They’re really cute and are actions of some of the cutest moments he has had on the Mandolorian why wouldn’t you want them??? The only hard thing is to decide which pack to buy.

In Conclusion

We found some interesting Baby Yoda merch for sure. Some both terrifying and some, as we like to say here, “totes adorbs”. With the rise of popularity of Baby Yoda, there was bound to be some merchandise that would even up being questionable to say at the least. It seems the official licensed merchandise might be the best way to go if you looking at getting yourself or someone you love some type of Baby Yoda merchandise. If you love them, you’ll make sure not to get them some of the merchandise that was well…….little to be desired. Sometimes, well quality licensed merchandise is the way to go if you want an accurate product.

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